Book Review: The Age of Miracles

I finished The Age of Miracles last night. It was beautifully written and I liked it. I can't say it was a light read though, because the "slowing" was scary. =/

Age of Miracles

The way the story was narrated made it easy to understand not only the concepts but also the feelings of Julia (the main character). I can't imagine being her, with all what's happening to earth, and the drama of her everyday life.

It's the first pre-dystopian/ pre-apocalyptic novel I read, so it was refreshing to have an idea of the events that lead to destruction of earth. And unlike what I imagined, it happened gradually. (killing me softly ang peg ni mother earth) 

Also, it's very predictable how people would react to this kind of situation, always on defense. It was sad knowing that no one can really do anything about it. *sigh* At some point, people will just have to accept and wait.

Oh! And let's hope the slowing will not happen. Please, no.

I suggest you read it too! Good book, I promise.


'Kay. That's all for now. Bye folks! =)