Saturday, January 4, 2014

Photo Diary: 2013

This will be my last 2013-related post. Haha!

I know I said that my 2013 was a little bit dull in general. But here are the happy moments of my 2013. :)

My lovely friends! Ugh! I miss them. This was taken last March 2013. (photo source: Nadine)

HS Friends (photo source: Nadine)
PROPharm Executive Committee 2012-2013 last meeting @ KFC Padre Faura (photo source: Lianne)
Interns @ Sydenham Laboratories, Inc. Taken last April 2013 (photo source: Alex)
I don't dance. PROPharm made me do it. Haha! June 2013 (photo source: Carlo)

PROPharm Team Building (photo source: Jow)

OOTD ang peg. Haha! Attended a birthday party. I forgot when. Haha! (photo source: Tita Sheila)

PROPharm Family with the newest members! July 2013 (photo source: Armand)
White Coat Ceremony, August 2013 (photo source: Henessy)
Cinemalaya August 2013

Cinemalaya! :)
PROPharm's Outreach, August 2013 (photo source: Jow)
Universal Health Care Lecture, August 2013 (photo source: Gerald)
Friends @ Zark's (photo source: Celica)
PROPharm's Anniversary Party (photo source: L)
PROPharm's Anniv Party! :) (photo source: Lianne)

IPHSoc's Zombie Run, September 2013 (photo source: IPHSoc)

First zombie run, and most probably the last! Haha! (photo source: IPHSoc)
Sarno's First Reunion, September 2013
34th MIBF
with Mama :) November 2013

with siblings, November 2013
NBS Warehouse Sale
Food packing event for Yolanda victims, November 2013 (photo source: Jow)
The event was organized by  Upsilon Sigma Phi with Stop Hunger Now, Philippine Red Cross, Rotary International and the Peace Corps. (photo source: Neil)
Library project in partnership with Coca-Cola Foundation. December 2013

That's it for my 2013. Haha!
God bless you folks!

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  1. looks like you had a super fun 2013!
    more blessings for 2014 sis :)



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