Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week's Update

Hi folks! How's your week? Mine was a busy one: thesis + org stuff + IDA... Whew!

Anyway, last Thursday I went back to Haven for Children to have a look at the library. We're almost done! Yey! :)

After my visit, I went to National Bookstore (ATC Branch), and bought Through the Ever Night (Book 2 of Under the Never Sky). Haha!

I also received this card last Thursday. It's from Elodie of didyousaybooks =)
 Yep, she's from France. :)

 Cute noh? Inside is a short, sweet note from Elodie. :)

Last Friday was the 4th week of IDA (Interdisciplinary Approach). In IDA, students from different health professions (pharmacist, nurse, doctors, and social workers) team up to work with a patient. :) It's a great experience to practice our profession with our fellow healthcare professionals.

After the IDA meeting, we went to Tagaytay. :) We had our lunch at Leslie's (Sky Ranch).

 (Photo sources: Lala and Kirsten)

Stopped over a few pasalubong centers... I bought this Kapeng Barako and Jacobina biscuits. :) Also bought an egg pie and guyabano shake! Yum! :)

At 5 PM, I attended PROPharm's send-off mass (PROMass) for the Pharmacy Board Exam takers.
I also finished reading Where She Went. Ugh! I loved it! :) I hope I can attend Gayle Forman's book signing event. :)

Hmmmm... Okay. That's all folks! Bye!

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