Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Closing Week

Hi folks! How are you doing? :)

The past few weeks had been busy because of exams and other requirements. Whew! Now, all I have to do is wait for my grades. Wah!

Anyway, I want to show you guys the latest happenings since my last post. Haha! :)

New books bought during the NBS Warehouse Sale @ ATC

April 2: Thesis defense! :) Picture with my thesis mates and adviser. (ph source: Darwin)

(ph source: Shasta)
(ph source: Shasta)

 April 5: Riri's 1st birthday! :)

 After the birthday party was Ryana's (my roommate) dinner treat. We went to MOA and dined at New Orleans. :) (ph source: Cha)

 (ph source: Cha)

We planned a surprise for Ryana. Turned out, it was also for me. Haha! :)
(ph source: Ryana)

Thanks roommates! :)

April 6-7 was PROPharm's Mangrove Tree Planting in Calatagan, Batangas. It will constitute another blog post. Haha!

April 7: Movie date with my roommates! We watched Captain America. :)

There you go folks! Oh, I also finished reading The Angel's Game (finally), and am currently reading Into the Still Blue. :)

Next post will be about the Mangrove Tree Planting. :)

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