Monday, June 1, 2015

Photo Diary + What Happened: May 2015

Hi folks!

May went by so quickly, noh? Summer here in the Philippines is almost over! Although, we're still experiencing extreme heat! Ugh! Haha! Anyway, as usual, I've been busy with work. Nothing super fun happened. But hopefully, my June will be an event-filled month! :)

This May, I only managed to read 2 books. I know, folks. I know. Haha! Currently though, I'm reading Gates of Thread and Stone by Lori M. Lee.

What I Read:
Marry Me, Charlotte B! by Carla de Guzman (Review here.)
Don't Tell Me I Can't Do It by Dr. Erica Miller (Review here.)

Aside from the two books mentioned above, I also posted reviews of Undertow by Michael Buckley (here) and Missing Era: The Emergence by A.O. Khalil (here).

Also, I posted a book discussion about my bookish pet peeves (here), a short photo diary of Free Comic Book Day (here) and my book haul for the month of May (here). :)

And finally, just a glimpse of my non-book-related life... Haha!

My office mates and I, fooling around during our lunch break (photo credit: Dion)

And another of us during another lunch break. We had lunch at Pugon. :) (photo credit: Darwin)


That's about it folks!
Have a nice day!
And happy June! :)

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