Thursday, September 17, 2015

Photo Diary: Lunch Out at Hole in the Wall

Hi folks!

How is your September so far? Mine's pretty slow, and very busy. But I'll get through and all will be well. Haha!

Last Tuesday, September 15, my friends and I went to Hole in the Wall, located in Century Mall, to have our "monthly lunch-out." We were supposed to go last Monday, but due to some circumstances (which included me being busy), we had to reschedule it. Well, I still have quite a lot to do. But you know, I need to unwind from time to time, and enjoy the fruits of my labor, yeah? Haha! Anyway, here are the few pictures I took.

hole in the wall 1
Century Mall is just a few blocks away from where I'm working. :)

hole in the wall 2
Where we bought our lunch. If I remember it correctly, I ordered their Dirty Rice Plate. :)

hole in the wall 3
I am no food blogger. I don't know how to review food. Haha! But this meal here was very good. It's good for two, actually, we just ordered an additional cup of rice. :)

hole in the wall 4

hole in the wall 7
After our lunch, just before heading back to the office, we bought some cookies from Scout's Honor also located in Hole in the Wall. :)

hole in the wall 5

hole in the wall 6
I ordered the one in the left. It's cranberry something. Haha! I forgot the name.

hole in the wall 8
Just this cute paper bag. :)


That's all folks!
Hole in the Wall offers a good dining experience. Apart from the wide selection of foods, it also has good, warm ambiance. I hope to visit the place again very soon, and try the other foods. :)

Have a nice day!

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