About Me

Hi folks!
Welcome to my book blog! Aizel here!

I started this book blog as a personal one but since I love reading and books so much, this ended up as a book blog! Haha!

Some quick facts:
- I live in the Philippines.
- I'm a registered pharmacist! 😁
- I currently work as an Editor at MIMS, a drug information provider company.
- Oh, and I also have a personal blog: Protected and Loved

Let's talk about books, shall we?

My favorite genres are historical fiction, Christian literature, YA dystopian, contemporary, science fiction and fantasy-adventure. I also read mystery, thriller and non-fictions like biographies and memoirs.

I used to be content with eBooks but seeing the pretty bookshelves on Tumblr made me want to have my own library. Thus, I started hoarding buying books. 😁 I do wish books are cheaper though.

Anyway, I write reviews and bookish discussions here. Just note, that I am not a professional writer, nor an English major (I'm a pharmacist!). So yes, I do commit mistakes, and I just write whatever's on my mind. Okay? 😁

Hmmm… That's it! If you have questions, don't hesitate to comment or send me an email @ aizelcamillemacaldo@gmail.com. :)

Have a nice day folks!


  1. Hi Aizel. Wow pharmacy; that's really great! I also like YA genres and mystery novels. You have a very nice blog. The design looks good.
    ~Chioma @ Blue Books and Butterflies

  2. Forensic pharmacist? I have never heard of such a thing. Is this a crime scene related field?

    I am not sure if I should send in a review request or not. I try to write steampunk/paranormal adventures, but they keep coming out humorous... though I believe they would fall within your parameters of no graphic sex, violence, or strong language.
    I have a couple of books written and waiting on covers. Maybe they count as ARCs?

    Cheers, Aizel!
    Happy Reading!
    Your pal,

    1. Yes, forensic pharmacist is crime scene-related. Oh, I'm open for review request. Just send me the info about the book, and I'll decide from there. Or, if I can't read it, then I'll do a promotion for you. :)


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