Aklat Mo, Sagot Ko: Adarna House

Mama and I went to Adarna House this morning. 

This is for Aklat Mo, Sagot Ko, a library project of PROPharm in partnership with Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc.

Well last month, PROPharm won the Coca-Cola Barkadahan Grant Program. Basically, you will propose a project that must be focused on one of the three areas Coke is working on:
  • environmental stewardship
  • education
  • active healthy living
Two of our project proposals won, and one of them is the library project, Aklat Mo, Sagot Ko. =)

I don't intend to head this project, because I know that it'll be stressful given that I also have a regular load in school. But then, books are special to me. I love books so much, and I love reading.

In Aklat Mo, Sagot Ko, we will be improving the library of one of the DSWD centers, Haven for Children. We haven't visited the center yet, but our target will be next week, during our enrollment. =)

So, in a library project, you have to have books, of course! While Coke will provide us with money, we intend to use most of it in the actual improvement of the library and also in our outreach program in December. Therefore I contacted sponsors for books. My first priorities are the publishing houses. A few replied, thankfully! And one of them is Adarna House.

Adarna House responded promptly! I was so happy they agreed to give us 5 small books and 5 big books. =)

Thus, the reason why Mama and I went there earlier, to pick up the book donations. =)

Adarna books were introduced to me when I was still in elementary school. I was one of their sukis at the time. =)

 Childhood! That's what I thought when I saw these small books. =)

 I guess they also conduct story telling here?

Cute right? =)

And here are the donated books...

Can't help it. I browsed through them. Haha!

I'm excited for our library project! Oh, and thank you Adarna House! =)