Solidaridad Book Shop: Independent Book Shop in the Philippines #1

I found out about this book store when my friends and I were on our way to watch Cinemalaya. We were in Padre Faura, and the book display got my attention. At the sight of it, I knew I have to visit this little store soon!

Solidaridad Bookshop is owned by one of the great Filipino authors, F. Sionil Jose. His works include the Rosales Saga novels, Sin, The Feet of Juan Bacnang, Puppy Love, Why We are Poor, Why we are Hungry, and many more.

Aside from F. Sionil Jose’s works, the store also houses literary works of other Filipino authors (Jose Rizal, A.C. Fabian, Nick Joaquin, Lualhati Bautista, Paz Marquez, etc.) 

From love, family, relationship, war, history to politics, Solidaridad bookshop showcases the richness of the Philippine literature and culture. It also carries international classics, and books about philosophy, religion, politics, and Asian culture.

Indeed, this little place is a heaven for book lovers!


Of course, I did not go home empty-handed. Haha! I bought the first book of the Rosales Saga. [EDIT: Here is my review of Po-on: Click here.]


To all Filipino book lovers, I encourage you to visit Solidaridad Bookshop, and explore our country’s story through the eyes of these great Filipino authors.

Good day!