Sunday, November 17, 2013

National Bookstore Warehouse Sale 2013

Last November 13, I went to National Bookstore Q. Avenue branch to, once again, hoard buy books. The official opening of the event was on November 14, but because I am a Laking National Card holder I got to do my not-so-little shopping a day earlier.

NBS Warehouse sale 2013

Warehouse sale overview
See how beautifully chaotic the place is?

Shopping a day before the official opening was very convenient. The place was not too crowded and with less people, I had less competition with the books. Haha!

Warehouse sale books1

Warehouse sale books2

Warehouse sale books3

As much as I wanted to take pictures of every station, I also wanted sooo much to get on with my shopping. Haha!

I'll post pictures of the books I bought sooooon! =)

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