Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gayle Forman: Book Signing Event #1

Yep folks! I went to Gayle Forman's book signing event yesterday (January 18.) :) Ohmigosh! It was my first book signing event so I was really really excited. By the time I arrived (~10 AM), the line was already long. I was 148th. Haha! While waiting I read Through the Ever Night. :)

The event started at around 4:15 PM.  The fans went crazy when Gayle Forman showed up. And she was full of energy too. Haha! I love her craziness! :) In her interview, she talked about her inspirations in writing her books which include her time being an exchange student in London, her "falling in love" with a Dutch guy (Haha!), her husband Nick (Gayle said that in the draft of If I Stay Adam was first named Nick.. Haha!), their travels together, which inspired Just One Day and Just One Year, and her kids... :)

She also said that the idea of If I Stay just "came" to her. And upon getting that "idea" she just sat down, and typed her story down. (The draft's file name was Why Not. Haha!) She then shared a few tips to the aspiring writers. I just can't remember them. Hihi! I'm sorry. The only tip I remembered is to read and read, even if the material is bad, because those books/ materials will inspire you and teach you what you want and don't want to write about. :)

And of course, she talked about the If I Stay movie showing this August 22, 2014! Weeeeh! :) She will also have another book in 2015, I Was Here. :)

Here are some pictures from the event:

I was actually five rows from the platform. But I was lucky to have a seat. :)

We were all cheering so she cheered with us. Haha!

 The interview proper

 Weeeh! :D

 Excuse my giddy-haggard face! I waited 9 hours for this! Haha!

 She stamped Double Happiness! I think I'll have a good 2014! :) National Book Store also gave a bookmark! Weeeeh! :)

That's all. Haha! Thank you National Book Store for bringing Gayle Forman here in the Philippines. I had a very nice time! And I am so looking forward to the other book signing events this year. :)


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  2. So glad you were able to get such an awesome experience seeing one of your favorite authors! :)

  3. Oh my god!! I did not know this!! Ugh! I hope to see her also one day! :(

    Anyway, followed you blog! ;) please do visit mine also if you have time :)