Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mitch Albom: Book Signing Event #2

Hi folks!
I have a lot of backlogs to do. Waaah! I'm sorry. I promise after our thesis defense on April 2, I will update more often. Anyway, on with my post! :P

So... Last February 22 was Mitch Albom's book signing event. Of course,I, being a fan, went to the event with my roommates, Ryana and Ate Phoebe. :)

Registration started at 10 AM, but I insisted that we go there as early as 7 AM. Ha! The queue was long by the time we arrived but we're lucky to be one of the first 100 participants. :) We got free coffee and biscuits from illy cafe delizio!


The activity was held at the activity center. They did anticipate a large crowd! :)

photo booth near the registration area :)

"Sometimes questions are more hurtful than insults."

I heard there were more than 1000 attendees. Woah! 0_0 Mitch Albom did not finish signing at the event, so he collected the unsigned books and continued it elsewhere. Haha! :)

Anyway, the event started at 2 PM. So while waiting, we had our lunch at Marciano's (not sure of the resto's name... Haha!)
The resto's have a good ambiance with its Hollywood-ish theme. They have good music too. :) And of course, the food! :)

And when you look at their ceiling, you will find these. :) 

and this... Haha!

Back to event! Mitch Albom!!!

They had a short interview. Mitch Albom was asked about his previous works, his inspirations and what prompted him to visit the Philippines- to help the victims of typhoon Yolanda. :) He, together with other famous authors, donated books to the typhoon victims. I also heard that they built libraries! Wow! :)

Yep! The giddy-haggard face again! :) 

047 - Copy
After the event, my roommates and I stayed for a while. We had dinner at Mary Grace. :)



Ooh! And we also bought sunnies from Charlie. :)

That's all folks! :) Next book signing event will be on April. :)

Have a nice day!

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