Aklat Mo, Sagot Ko Library Project: Photo Diary

Hi folks!

Last December 2013 (I know, late post. Haha!), PROPharm conducted a library project in partnership with Coca Cola Foundation Inc., C&E Publishing, Inc. and Adarna House, Inc. Our beneficiary was Haven for Children, a DSWD center for street boys, located in Alabang.

Here are the "before" pictures:

ph source: Angeli

ph source: Angeli

ph source: Angeli

ph source: Angeli

ph source: Angeli

As you can see folks, they have a lot of donated books. And sadly, most of them are useless. :(

On our first day, we sorted out the books and started painting the walls.

We chose yellow for the walls to make the room look brighter. We had a hard time painting because we were totally clueless about it. Haha!

On our second day, we continued the painting.

Yep! That's me. Do not judge my painting skills! Haha!
We also painted the black board and started to bring in the books. We weren't able to finish arranging the books in the shelves though because of time constraints. A volunteer school finished the job for us. Haha!

We also bought other materials necessary for teaching and for the library. And of course we bought books that're useful. :)

And the "after" photos:

Books are arranged according to subjects.

These are mostly story books and children's novels.

As I said, they have a lot of useless books. I wanted to pull them out to give more space but since Haven for Children is a government institution, it's not easy to just pull out books.

We were also on a budget so as much as we wanted to buy more bookshelves, we just couldn't.

It was a fun experience though- being surrounded by books, renovating the library and making the kids happy. If there'll be another library project, I'd totally volunteer. I also plan to build my own bookstore/ library in the future. :) 

That's all folks!