My Letter to Fear by Patricia L. Steffy: ARC Review

Title: My Letter to Fear: Essays on Life, Love and the Search for Prince Charming
Author: Patricia L. Steffy
Publication Details: January 30, 2014 by Createspace
Copy: eARC from NetGalley

If you could address your fears, obstacles and expectations directly, what would you say? Does the life you currently lead look anything like the one you thought you’d be leading back on those day-dreamy teenage afternoons? Those questions became the jumping off point for a collection of often hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking, essays in Patricia Steffy’s “My Letter to Fear: Essays on Life, Love and the Search for Prince Charming.”

The collection, based on Steffy’s own experiences, as well as the experiences of women she interviewed, is liberally infused with humor while still tackling weighty concerns. Pieces cover a variety of topics, including aging, body image, abuse, addiction, confidence, drama, loss, beauty myths, and (yes) fear. Witty and relatable, Steffy’s essay-style chapters bring both resolution and a desire to read more – resulting in the feeling that rather than just reading, you are having a conversation with your best friend.

An enjoyable read. Short, funny but relevant.

My Letter to Fear is a collection of short essays on topics like professional career, social life, love, and well, life in general, as well as essays on other relevant issues concerning women. Inspired by the author's experience and also other women's, this book tells in an entertaining way how fear often interferes with life and how women (and also men) should not let this fear do the controlling in life.

My favorite essays are Grabbing Time, Perspectives,  Temptation, If Only and Waiting. While I'm still "starting with my life," I can easily relate to her life reflections and realizations because let's face it, the reality of life is so big it can get really scary. And also, I'm a worrier myself. I worry about the future even though I know it is unnecessary. Ugh. So yeah. 

I liked the author's writing style. While each essay may not be related to the other, there's a smooth flow with the way the topics were presented. Also, she was able to give encouragement and yes, chastisement, without being dragging and condescending. Injected with humor and inspiring anecdotes, reading the book was both an enjoyable and inspiring experience.


I would definitely recommend this book! My Letter to Fear will tell you that yes, life can be a little intimidating at times (or okay most of the times) but you're not alone. And we can go through life successfully if only you believe. :)

ph source: Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths

PATRICIA STEFFY was born and raised in Ohio. She attended Kenyon College, earning a degree in international studies, focusing on economics and the Soviet Union. Naturally, this meant she spent almost as much time rehearsing for performances with the College’s dance company as she did studying Russian. Subsequently, she received an M.A. in international development, focusing on business and economics, from American University.

The beauty of a liberal arts education is that in addition to spending 16 years working as a business development analyst for an international corporate law firm, Steffy was inspired to pursue her interests as a writer and film producer. As co-owner of Circe’s World Films, Steffy has been involved in co- and exec-producing a number of feature and short films ranging from broad comedy to psychological drama, including the award-winning short Touch (Source: Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths).