Monday, July 7, 2014

Stephanie Perkins: Book Signing Event #5

Hi folks!

Yesterday, July 6, was Stephanie Perkins' book signing event at the National Bookstore, Glorietta 1. I left home at around 4 AM, and arrived at ~4:40- 5 AM. Haha!


Yep! I was 35th. It's good enough since I was able to go home at around 4 PM. :)


The event started at around 2 PM. Stephanie arrived with her husband, Jarrod. :)


The crowd went wild, and so Steph was really overwhelmed. Well, the fans really love her!



The interview proper. I'm going to have a separate post for the interview so as not to make this one very long. :)


These lucky people got ARCs of Isla and the Happily Ever After. They were the early birds. You got to admire them for their dedication, yeah? :)


Steph was thanking her fans. She told us that she will definitely rave about the Philippines and Filipino book lovers to her author friends, and hopefully, persuade them to come to the Philippines too!


I love them! They're so cute and sweet! :)


While Steph was signing, most fans had their pictures taken with Jarrod. Most also had their books signed by him. I didn't get the chance though because the queue was looooong. And I had to be home early. (Oh! Thanks Michael for the pic. I hope I got your name right. Haha!)


With Ms. Stephanie Perkins! She's not only talented but she's also beautiful. :) And there I was, looking haggard as ever. I always look haggard during signing event. And also, left is not my best angle. Haha!


Signed! The pens matched the covers too!

That's all folks!
Until next post!

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  1. Jarrod is cute! And they look really happy together. Glad you enjoyed, Aizel. :)