God is Amazing by Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz: Book Review

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Title: God is Amazing: Everything Changes When You See God For Who He Really Is
Authors: Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz
Published: October 1, 2014 by Shiloh Run Press
Copy: e-ARC from NetGalley

Bogged down with the burdens of life? Maybe your God is too small. You may need a newer, bigger view of God—the awesome, powerful, mysterious God, who is, quite frankly, amazing. This brand-new book from Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz—authors of the million-selling God Is in the Small Stuff series—celebrates the majestic, heroic God we serve. God Is Amazing will help you lift your gaze above the complications and concerns of this life, to a place of wonder, incredible beauty, and vast power. . .unlike anything we can experience on our own. In their easy-to-read yet always thought-provoking style, Bruce and Stan call us to something much bigger than ourselves—the amazing God of the universe.

God is Amazing reminded me that God is bigger than anything in this world. Oftentimes, I get scared by the wrong things, worry the wrong things. It's a useless effort, and it shouldn't be the case. This book reminded me who is in charge of everything, who God is.

The book is divided mainly into four parts: (1) Amazing God, (2) Amazing Creator, (3) Amazing Jesus, and (4) Amazing Grave. It discusses not only His characters (from His self-sufficiency to what Jesus did on the cross) but also His amazing grace and what He requires of me.

As I've read this months ago, I was overwhelmed by how great God is, and how small I am in this world. His love is so amazing, and I am so undeserving. But even so, He chose me to be His child. To that, I am more than grateful.

The book was written such that the flow of information made the reading experience easy yet inspiring. I haven't read the authors' other books, especially God is in the Small Stuff, but after reading God is Amazing, I can't wait to read the others too.

I definitely want to read this again to remind me that God is, indeed, amazing! I believe this book is a must-read, especially to those who might be forgetting that God is bigger than any circumstances.

Source: Harvest House Website

Bruce Bickel is an attorney and Chief Operating Officer of ConversantLife.com. His previous books with Stan Jantz include Knowing God 101, Knowing the Bible 101, and God Is in the Small Stuff.

Source: Harvest House Website

Stan Jantz is CEO of ConversantLife.com. He and Bruce Bickel are coauthors of more than 50 books, including I’m Fine with God... It’s Christians I Can’t Stand and the Christianity 101® Bible Studies. As a writing team, their goal is to present God’s truth in a correct, clear, and casual manner.