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Hi folks!

For today’s Bookish Thoughts and Feels post, I want to share with you my blogging essentials.

Well ok. I may not be a famous and a full-time blogger. And I may just be doing so for fun. But hey, I’m committed. Haha! For the love of books and reading, folks! For the love of them! :)

Anyway, let me list my blogging tools:

1. Book/ Blog Planner
I made my own planner solely for bookish and blog stuff. I wasn’t able to print my customized planner so I just bought a notebook and decorated it with scrapbooking papers and washi tapes. Comment below if you want a photo tour of my planner!

Now that I’m working during weekdays, I only got the weekends to read and update my blog. I still have a lot of books to review and bookish discussions to post so I really need to plan everything so as not to get behind. :)

2. Notebook
I also have a small notebook for when I have blog post ideas and any bookish notes. I also list here the books I need to buy for signing events and during the Manila International Book Fair.

3. Camera
Since my book blog is also somehow a personal blog, I need a handy digital camera to document my not-so-adventurous life. Haha! I also use my camera when I go to book signing events and book fairs. And hey, I love taking photos of books! :)

4. Laptop
This is self-explanatory. Haha! Anyway, I use my old laptop as of the moment. Haha! And it’s dying on me now. I do need to get a new one!


I think that’s all folks!
How about you? What are your blogging essentials? :)


  1. I love your notebook - very colorful and happy. :) I use a spiral notebook and a Google Calendar. My Kindle and my PC. I should be better organized, but so far just the notebook is working for scheduling - publish dates and such. The calendar is a life saver but... should I lose power for any length of time, I'm in big trouble since so much of my "system" depends on electric.

    Marsha @

    1. Thank you! I can be dependent on gadgets too. Haha! But I try to use notebooks now for planning and organizing. :)


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