Don't Tell Me I Can't Do It by Dr. Erica Miller: Book Review

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Title: Don't Tell Me I Can't Do It!: Living Audaciously in the Here and Now
Author: Erica Miller
Publication Details: May 5th 2015 by Emerald Book Company
Copy: eARC from the publisher through NetGalley

Holocaust survivor Dr. Erica Miller shares the five core beliefs that she has acquired throughout the course of her colorful life in this engaging combination of memoir and self-help book.

From her experience as a refugee during the Holocaust to her time in the Israeli Air Force, Dr. Miller has seen the dark side of humanity. Yet rather than becoming bitter over these trials, she has chosen to live life with an optimistic spirit, determined to overcome any obstacle in her way.

Dr. Miller also candidly discusses her experience raising two small children while attending graduate school. Many readers will be able to identify with her struggles. Dr. Miller’s determination to live “life according to Erica,” and the lessons she has learned along the way, make Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do It! a compelling read that motivates readers to live life in the here and now.

“Live life today. The past is gone. The future might never be.” This is one of the five core beliefs that comprise Dr. Miller’s philosophy. As a therapist, she has shared her belief in the power of optimism and self-reliance to help clients get their lives back on track. In this book, she imparts the same ideas to readers.


In Don't Tell Me I Can't Do It, Dr. Erica Miller shared her 5 core beliefs in living an audacious life. Her 5 core beliefs, outlined as: life is a journey, flex your muscles, there is no failure, hurt brings opportunity and live life today, will definitely teach, if not remind, readers that life is too short to live under the confines of society.

Divided into 7 parts, the author was able to tell her story as a Holocaust survivor, a soldier in the Israeli Air Force, a student, daughter, mother and a grandmother. In a 64-page read, Dr. Erica Miller was able to impart her knowledge she acquired through her ~80 years in life.

Short yet inspiring. There are a lot of things I liked about the book. I was able to relate to the author because I have this desire to be more and do more. But unlike her, fear and sometimes laziness get the best of me.

Dr. Erica inspired me to be the best that I can be in the here and now, that I should enjoy my life as it is happening now. The book kind of reminded me of one Bible verse. Ecclesiastes 11:8…

I liked how, even though brief, she was able to tell her story and impart her acquired wisdom. Sure, change can be difficult and I don't have to embrace every principle she said but it motivated me to take a step towards self-actualization and consequently towards achieving my dream, as a pharmacist (my profession), and if in God's will, as a future wife and mom. (Perhaps, I'm getting ahead of myself here, but whatever. Haha!)

The author had her shortcomings but I liked how she acknowledged her mistakes. I liked how despite all the negativity she experienced even as a child, she was able to turn them into opportunities for growth.

In reading her book, I can see that Dr. Erica Miller has a very strong character. I really admire her for being a strong woman, and for seeing herself as someone who deserves what she deserves, not settling for anything less.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. And I can definitely see myself rereading this in the future, especially if I'm feeling down and unmotivated.