Missing Era: The Emergence by A.O. Khalil: Book Review

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Title: The Emergence (Missing Era #1)
Author: A.O. Khalil
Editor: Adriane Hesselbein
Illustrator: Nicole Anderson
Publication Details: May 19, 2015 by Amazon Digital Services
Copy: ePUB format from the author
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They were just sinkholes, harmless sinkholes that were spreading like wildfire across the country. Then the disappearances started. A few people here and there then the entire army, gone in one night. Jay and Jule quickly find themselves thrown in the middle of a dangerous situation that only gets worse when something else comes that takes everyone by bloody surprise.

As they make ready to leave to gather with the rest of the family, something comes out of the sinkholes and begins attacking and killing everyone in sight. Before they know it they are in the middle of a war with an unknown enemy and an unknown agenda.

Will Jay and Jule survive their encounter or will they find themselves twenty-six feet under at the bottom of a sinkhole?

I got a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Fast-paced and entertaining! I was not expecting to like this book, but I did! I was hooked from beginning to end.

The prologue and the first chapter started as mysterious and very intriguing. I forgot what the book is about when I started reading, so I had no idea what the characters are against at. But as the story progresses, there came understanding of what's happening. I liked how the build-up and pacing of the story are just right such that I was being informed but, at the same time, some things were still a mystery that made me eager to go on with the story.

I also liked how unique the elements are. At first, I thought Jay (the main protagonist) and the others are against the usual vampires or werewolves or zombies. But The Emergence presented a 'new' set of creatures. I've never read anything like it before. Some plot threads are still unclear, especially, after the reveal towards the end. I really can't say much about these 'creatures' because I don't want to spoil you. But I really find the concept refreshing.

The action and the pacing was also sustained which made my reading more enjoyable and not at all boring.

Plot-wise, The Emergence is really a good read.

In general, the characters are okay and quite interesting as well. I don't think they were explored well (yet) since the book was told in only one POV, Jay's. However, from his point of view, they seem smart and brave. Some characters are still mysteries though, especially after the identity of the creatures were revealed towards the end.

I can't say that I connected well with the characters. I also don't think they are three-dimensional. But nevertheless, I'm still looking forward to their development (either negative or positive), especially Jay's and Jule's. I hope in the next books, I will be able to connect with them.

Told in Jay's perspective and in first-person POV, the writing style gave me a break from the usual third person narration. The style was quite different for me. It's one-sided but I think Jay's POVs were able to provide me a good view of what's happening in their world, as well as, though brief, backgrounds of the characters.

Also, Jay's narration gave an impression that he has a very active mind and tend to overthink things. It made him quite relatable in that aspect, because I tend to overthink as well. Haha!

The style of writing also has a smooth flow and is easy to follow. Despite the new concept the author presented, I was able to understand the core of the plot easily.


The Emergence, the first book in the Missing Era series, is an action-packed and entertaining read. If you are up for a thrilling, urban fantasy-ish read, then this one is for you! I am definitely looking forward to reading the next book!

A. O. Khalil was born in the late summer of 1985 in Yemen. By the age of 16 he attended St Andrew’s College Cambridge in England. After completing his studies he left Cambridge for Bath University, where he earned his degree in Sociology.

In 2010 he moved with his wife to Slovakia and decided to set up their own business. It was then he started writing whenever he had free time.

When not writing or working he enjoys fine dining, cooking and going to the movies with his wife, daughter, family and friends (Source: Goodreads).