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These are the Moments by Jenny Bravo: Book Review

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Title: These are the Moments
Author: Jenny Bravo
Publication Details: April 30th 2015 by Bravo Publishing
Copy: eARC from Bravo Publishing through NetGalley

A stunning read about love, hope and moving on.

Ten years ago, Wendy Lake and Simon Guidry fell in love. From friends to lovers, they started as a happy couple, promising to be together no matter what.

Present day… Wendy Lake told herself that this time she will move on, that she will never go back. Until her best friend's engagement brought Wendy and Simon back together and Wendy finds herself in a situation where she has to make a decision whether to finally move on or fall back again...

These are the Moments follows Wendy and Simon as they fall into a vicious cycle of love and heartache. But the question is, is love really enough to make two people stay together?


I got a copy from the publisher through NetGalley. When I read the synopsis, I thought it sounded cliché but I requested for it anyway because I was feeling for some contemporary romance. And boy, oh boy was I thankful I did!

The first few chapters can be cliché and predictable- Wendy as this goody-good, typical girl who came from a Catholic, happy family, meeting new friends from a youth camp, then falling in love with a mysterious guy. At first, I thought Oh I know what will happen. But how the elements of a contemporary read were placed and connected together created a somehow refreshing take in telling not just a love story but also one of restoration and moving on.

Wendy and Simon's cycle of love and heartache can be quite exhausting, but as I read, I saw that this shaped both characters. It made me felt their struggle and connected me to the story more.

I liked how other aspects of Wendy's life was also incorporated into the story. Her side as a friend, a sister, a daughter and a student were told to create a three-dimensional character. It made Wendy more relatable, and I was able to understand her more.

The ending was a bitter-sweet one. And that's all I'm going to say about it. :)

I loved the characters- the main and secondary. They can be difficult to understand at times, but it showed how realistic they are.

I was able to relate to Wendy especially. She is smart, talented and a good friend, sister and daughter. I liked how I was able to see both her strong and vulnerable side. And I especially liked her character development.

I enjoyed reading about Claudia, Reese and Vivian. I liked how they influenced Wendy's life. Their support and love for Wendy is just heart-warming, even though most times they weren't able to express it very well.

And yes, Simon. What I really, really want is a book or just a novella told in Simon's perspective! He is still a mystery to me, to be honest. It's clear, however, that he loves Wendy with all his being but I still do not get what is up with him?! Like really Simon?!

Okay, calming down. Simon has issues. What issues? I have no idea. But I know that he's a good guy, smart, sweet and let's not forget, good-looking. So yes, dear author, I want to know what is up with him. Pretty please? Haha!

I really liked the writing style of the author. These are the Moments is written in a first person voice, in Wendy's perspective. Told in an alternating Then and Now chapters, I was able to fully immerse myself into the story, follow the events easily and feel the Simon and Wendy "feels".


Overall, I really enjoyed reading this one. These are the Moments is a stunning read about love, hope and moving on.

I definitely recommend These are the Moments to anyone who wants a very good contemporary romance read.

PS. I've read from Jenny Bravo's blog that These are the Moments will have a prequel, Those Were the Days. Aah! I'm excited for that! :)

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Jenny Bravo is a writer, singer, and caps lock enthusiast. She writes books, and These Are the Moments is the first one. When she's not writing, she's blogging about writing at Blots & Plots blog. Or singing. Or tap dancing.

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