MV Logos Hope- World's Largest Floating Book Fair: Independent Book Shop in the Philippines #2

Good day folks!

Last July 4, I went to Subic Bay (with my mama, papa and youngest brother) to visit MV Logos Hope, the world's largest floating book fair.

MV Logos Hope is under the organization OM Ships International. OM International is a Christian organization whose vision is to see Christ-centered lives and communities reproducing and becoming catalysts of transformation.

Their goal is to bring knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world by supplying vital literature resources, encouraging cross-cultural understanding, training young people for more effective life and service, providing needed relief, and sharing a message of hope in God wherever there is opportunity.

The floating book fair offers over 5,000 titles, providing many visitors their first-ever opportunity to purchase quality educational and Christian literature (Taken from:

It took us ~6 hours of travel from Cavite to Subic. It was a very long ride, but I brought a book with me, so everything's okay. :)

Upon entering the ship, we were greeted by this history wall. We also watched a short orientation video before going to the book store section.

I was really hungry when we arrived, so I looked pale. Sans the books, I would not have been myself. Haha!

And now some of the shelves... Majority are Christian books with some classics, cook books, management and leadership books, and reference books. :)

I'm pretty sure kids will enjoy the book store! :) 

After the book store, they have this Journey of Life section, depicting the story of the Prodigal Son.

View outside!

It was really windy, so yeah! :D

My haul! I will have a separate post for my haul some time this week. :)


That's all folks! There's also a coffee shop but we weren't able to try it because we were really hungry. They only offer snacks, which wouldn't be enough for us. Haha!


OM International is open for volunteers. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to volunteer. :)