The Great National Book Store Warehouse Sale: News + Tips

Source: National Book Store
I am very much excited for this Warehouse Sale! National Book Store holds small-time warehouse sales per branch, but this is the one I've been waiting for! I remember posting a status on Facebook that I miss the "big" warehouse sale. I'm very happy it'll happen again!

Photo from the November 2013 Warehouse Sale.

My first warehouse sale was in 2013. It was a fulfilling experience, book-wise, because I was able to buy 7 books for less than 500 pesos ($11-12)! My second warehouse sale was last year, January 2014, and I bought 12 books, I think, for less than 1000 pesos ($22-23)!

This year it'll be on August 13-18. I want to go on the 13th, but I will be coming from work, tired. So, probably on Saturday? (I do want to go on the first day though.) Haha!


First time to experience the Warehouse Sale? I'll give you tips, while I'm at it. :)

First, don't forget your money (Haha!). But if you did forget, there are BPI ATM machines at the ground floor. I am not sure with other banks though.

Second, bring water or snacks. You need the energy to carry around your books. Plus, there'll be queue.

Third, wear comfortable clothes.

Fourth, bring tissue, alcohol or wipes. Majority of the books are dusty, so prepare to get your hands (and clothes) dirty. Haha!

Fifth, don't leave your patience at home, or elsewhere. The place is not air-conditioned and there will be a lot of book lovers, so it'll be really hot. The stations/tables will be crowded and you'll have to say "excuse me" too many times just to get the book your eyeing. And folks, queue.

Sixth, bring eco bags. If you plan on buying 30 books, don't worry. NBS will have boxes for you. :)

Last, enjoy your book shopping! :)


That's all folks!
See you in The Great National Book Store Warehouse Sale!


  1. Oh my this is paradise...and it is not in Germany! I am so jealous I cannot breath! But happy shopping, I can only imagine how much fun it will be!!!

    HannahCassie @

    1. Thank you! We don't get a lot of book sales here in the Philippines, so I'm happy we're having this one. :)

  2. I have to be here! Gotta drop by Panay this week! Thanks for sharing this ☺


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