Bookshelf Tour August 2015: Photo Diary

Hi folks! Welcome to another bookshelf tour! It's been a year since my last tour, so I decided to post another one. As you will see, I have acquired more books but not space. Haha! I am badly in need of a new bookcase (or two). :)

Anyway, as I've said in my previous posts, I've only started collecting books in 2012, I think, that's why I have missing books (ie, HP series, The Hunger Games trilogy, the (complete) Vampire Academy series, etc). But patience little grasshopper, I will have them very soon, especially Harry Potter! Haha! If only books are cheaper...

Oh, and I tried organizing my books by genre, but after the third shelf, I gave up. Haha!

Took down all the books from my bookcase. Because you know, I need to exercise. :)

Okay, enough of the blabbering... First shelf...

Sorry for the glare! Missing here is Reboot by Amy Tintera. I'm currently reading it. :)

Double stacking is bound to happen folks!

 First 2 shelves are Young Adult books...

 I told you. I gave up organizing them. Haha!

 I'm missing Can You Keep A Secret? by Sophie Kinsella because it's on loan. :)

 Now, this shelf is my Christian/Inspirational shelf. I'm missing I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris because it's also on loan. :)

The Classics/Award-Winning/Non-fiction shelf

If you want to see the titles (and authors) of the books I own, I cataloged them here. I don't want to make this post a very long one, so I separated them. :)

And if you want to see my other bookshelf tours, click here. :)


That's all folks! I am very much in need of a new bookcase, yeah?

Have a nice day!