Kiera Cass: Book Signing Event #7

Hi folks! How are you doing?

Last Sunday, September 21, I went to the Kiera Cass book signing event at the Manila International Fair, National Book Store booth. And oh goodness folks, this was, by far, my worst book signing event.

Kiera Cass was great and she's really nice, just to be clear. But the people. Goodness! Apparently, people do not know how to queue properly. I almost did not make it to the cut-off. The original cut-off for participants was 200, then they made it to 250, and finally to 500. I was 327th, but during the queue outside the event center, I was less than 200th. How did I become 327th? Ugh!

Anyway, enough of my ranting. :) Here are the few photos I have.

Kiera Cass signing 1
The interview part was done during her signing event at the Shangri-La Plaza the day before. I wish I just went there.

Kiera Cass signing 2
with Kiera. She's pretty and she's so nice! :)

The One signed
From 251st to 500th, they only allowed one book to be signed. *sigh* I really wish I just attended the one in Shangri-La.

That's all folks! Never will I attend book signing events with limited slots. I learned my lesson. Haha!