36th Manila International Book Fair Part 1: Photo Diary

It's that time of the year! And Filipino book lovers are well aware that this is one book event we should not miss- the Manila International Book Fair, now on its 36th year! :)

Every September, book stores, authors, publishers, students, professionals and book lovers, in general, gather around for the largest book fair in the Philippines.

Booths are in place offering discounts to various titles. There are also book signing events, quiz shows, meet and greet, workshops, story telling and many other activities.

Last September 16 was the first day. And right after work, my office mates/friends and I went there to hoard buy books. :)

Here are some of the pictures I took. (Warning: Loads of pictures, but they're mostly books, so hopefully it'll be okay.)

MIBF Day 1_1

MIBF Day 1_2

MIBF Day 1_5

MIBF Day 1_6

MIBF Day 1_7
I didn't know Ms. Miriam Quiambao would be at the PCBS booth. Good thing I visited their booth, and she was having a book signing event. :)

MIBF Day 1_8

MIBF Day 1_9
Encyclopedias! Who ever said encyclopedias are not in anymore? Look at these pretties!

MIBF Day 1_10

MIBF Day 1_11
I grew up reading Adarna story books. I remember buying them when I was still in grade school. :)

MIBF Day 1_12
Rex Book Store's little exhibit of sculptures. This one here is Tanimbar Islands of the Maluku Islands of Indonesia's wood cut art reptile sculpture.

MIBF Day 1_13
Sydney, Australia's Harbor Bridge Aboriginal Artwork made from seashells.

MIBF Day 1_14
New Ireland, Papua New Guinea's Malangan Mask

MIBF Day 1_15

MIBF Day 1_16
Papua New Guinea's tribal effigy statue

MIBF Day 1_17
Marquesas Island of French Polynesia's wooden tiki sculpture

MIBF Day 1_18
Vitu Islands of Papua New Guinea Kakaparaga helmet mask

MIBF Day 1_19
In this Buqo booth, you can exchange your old book for an ebook. :)

MIBF Day 1_20
UP Press :)

Now the books from the National Book Store booth and FullyBooked booth. :D

MIBF Day 1_21

MIBF Day 1_22

MIBF Day 1_23

MIBF Day 1_25

MIBF Day 1_27

MIBF Day 1_28

MIBF Day 1_29

MIBF Day 1_30

MIBF Day 1_31

MIBF Day 1_32

MIBF Day 1_33

MIBF Day 1_34


There you go folks!
Until my next MIBF post! :)