36th Manila International Book Fair Part 2: Photo Diary

Hi folks!

As promised, here are the other photos from the Manila International Book Fair. I was not supposed to go on the second day, but I was persuaded by my office mates. Haha! I also went again earlier this morning but I did not stay for too long because it was very crowded.

MIBF tickets from Adarna House
My tickets, by the way. I got them free from Adarna House, Inc.

MIBF Day 2_1

MIBF Day 2_2

MIBF Day 2_3
Since adult coloring books are currently in, there are a lot of them at the book fair.

MIBF Day 2_6
I've been eyeing this book since 2013. Soon though. Soon. :(

MIBF Day 2_7
I also want to buy the other books of C.S. Lewis, but they're quite expensive.

MIBF Day 2_8
Comics and graphic novels. :)

MIBF Day 2_9

MIBF Day 2_10
Don't take a bath on a Friday? What do you think? Haha!

MIBF Day 2_11
Look at this greeting card... 

MIBF Day 2_12
On the inside... Haha! By the way, here in the Philippines, it's normal to cover books with a plastic cover to protect them from dust and dirt, and to protect the cover from being damaged easily.

MIBF Day 2_13
More comics from Comic Odyssey.

MIBF Day 2_14

MIBF Day 2_2
Wow. I could just watch the artist sketching all day.


There you go folks!

I can't wait to show you my MIBF haul. But before that, I'll be posting a book signing event photo diary very soon. :)