Book Buying Ban

Ban: verb \ˈban\
-to forbid people from using (something); to say that something cannot be used or done
- to forbid (someone) from doing or being part of something (Merriam-Webster)


Book nerds and book lovers, we all know this. Whether self-imposed or imposed by some higher entity, we've been on a book buying ban, (or is currently on one or will be sooner). Because even though our TBR piles are looking more like mountain ranges, we still buy hoard books. And who can blame us, really? With all those new releases and new editions? Sometimes, we just have to have them.

And later on, we will realize that our books don't fit in our shelves anymore, that they have started piling up in 1, 2, 3 and/or 4 corner/s of our room. Then we have to make the decision. We have to stop buying books, at least for some time. We have to face our TBRs and do our best in lowering our glorious pile.

Dramatic huh? Haha! Well, I will be putting myself on a book buying ban. Okay, I've been imposing bans for years now but never really went through with it. Haha! But this time folks, I'm doing it. I'm really doing it. Because 1) I have no shelf space and 2) I have a lot of unread books and the practical me doesn't want that.

I already started my book buying ban this month. I have also started reading books from my pile and some review galleys. This coming November, I will not participate in any blog tours nor accept any review requests until I read at least 10 books from my TBR.

So far, I'm doing good with not buying books. Haha! I just hope I will be able to read more since I'm quite busy with work. I will try to update you folks of my progress. :)

Wish me luck folks! How about you? What are your experiences with book buying ban? Are you currently on one? Let me know! :)


Have a nice day folks!