My Small Bookmark Collection: Photo Diary

Hi folks! November's coming to an end already! Time flies so fast, eh?

Today, I want to share with you guys my small bookmark collection. Well, they're not really a "collection". I never intended to have many bookmarks. It just happened. Haha!

Most of them I got for free; some I bought and the few ones, I made myself. :)

I don't really buy expensive bookmarks. Shown here are the cheap but cute ones I bought.
I am missing one small magnetic bookmark here. I couldn't find it. :(
I also have postcards here, but I use them as bookmarks. :)

DIY bookmarks... I'm planning to make new ones but I still don't have the time.

Free ones. I am also missing my Gayle Forman bookmark, the one I got during her signing event. :( I forgot where I put it. Also included is Ann Aguirre's signed book plate. :)


There you go folks. Some of them I haven't used yet. While others are quite tattered already. Haha!
Feel free to post about your bookmark collection as well! And don't forget to tell me so I can take a look. :)

Have a nice day!