25 Bookish Facts About Me

Hi folks!

In lieu of my 25th birthday last March 4, here's an about me feature. :) I first saw this on YouTube and I think it would be fun to write about and share with you. So here goes the 25 bookish facts about me. :)

#1: I often buy original covers.
I am not sure why, to be honest. I just prefer the original covers.

#2: I don't listen to music when reading.
I find it hard to focus when there's music, or any noise actually. This also includes people talking, or TV in the background. I prefer silence, thank you very much. :)

#3: I adore hardcovers but I prefer to read paperbacks.
They're just easier to carry around and read from.

#4: I am a cover and title buyer.
When browsing for books, I tend to check out those with catchy covers and titles.

#5: My reading time is mostly before I go to sleep and when traveling to and from work.
But of course, when I don't have to go anywhere else, I read whenever I want. :)

#6: I do not review every book I read.
Unless they're ARCs or review books, of course.

#7: I seldom DNF books.
And I dislike DNF-ing books.

#8: I rarely watch movies based on books. I just read the book.
Although there are movies that I have watched, but have never read the book.

#9: I don't reread as much as I wanted to.
Hopefully this year I will be able to reread some of my books, especially the Vampire Academy series.

#10: Browsing through bookstores is my stress-reliever. And I can go out of one without buying anything.
I used to do this a lot when I was in college. Before going home, I used to drop by a local bookstore and just browse. I would then go home with a list of to-buy books. Haha!

#11: I don't buy new releases within months from their release dates.

#12: I prefer to complete a trilogy/series before reading them.
Less emotional damage for me, especially when there's a cliffhanger.

#13: I don't eat while reading.

#14: I do drink coffee or tea, however, but very seldom.

#15: I don't like too cheesy scenes.
I cringe whenever I stumble upon one.

#16: Character development, plot uniqueness and social relevance mostly determine my review rating.

#17: I always have a hard time arranging my books.
I just don't know how to categorize them. Haha!

#18: I only own single copy of each book.
Because books are expensive... And I don't have enough shelf space.

#19: I love book sales and discounts!
Who doesn't?

#20: I rarely receive books as gifts.
Sad, I know.

#21: I rarely lend out books.
And whenever I do, only to those people I trust.

#22: I don't read novellas.
One exception though: The Assassin's Blade by Sarah J. Maas :)

#23: I can control my book buying habits.
I can, if I just put my mind to it. :)

#24: I find it therapeutic to just look at pictures of pretty bookshelves and books.
I find it calming. Haha! Thank you Tumblr and Instagram for the beautiful pictures.

#25: I appreciate it, a lot, when people comment on my blog posts.
They do make my day happier and less stressful. And they make me want to improve this blog more. :)


I didn't know it would be difficult to think 25 bookish facts. Haha! Any similarities with me folks? Share your thoughts! Or better yet, post 25 bookish facts about you too and then tell me so I can check it out. :)