Book Hangover: How I Nurse Myself

We book nerds have already experienced a book hangover, and I am pretty sure that we will experience it over and over again (hello, TBR pile). You know, that feeling of longing that comes from finishing a book or a series. It doesn't matter if the book ended on a happy note, or in two or three buckets of tears, book hangover is real.

We each have our own ways of dealing with this hangover. And I want to share with you how I nurse myself back to "health" after the fateful book hangover...

First folks, I process my emotions.
Processing of emotions includes staring at nothing after closing the concerned book, thinking of what I just read, replaying some scenes in my mind, and may or may not include a tear rolling down my face. Yes.

It may last for a few hours or for as long as weeks. It depends on the book and the "damage". I always give time to "feel the book". That way, I will have a proper closure. Hehe... That's the goal- closure.

Second, I write about it.
One of the reasons why I write book reviews is to help me have a complete experience of the book. Of course, it may be just me, and one is not obliged to review every book he/she reads. But for me, it helps.

If I don't feel like writing a review, that's when my journal enters the scene. Writing helps folks.

Third, I discuss and share my thoughts.
Because sharing is part of the "healing" process. I post my book reviews here on my blog, and share my thoughts with whoever reads my blog. Haha.

Sometimes, I just tweet about it or post some quick thoughts on my Tumblr account. (One has to promote! Haha!)

And last, I read another book.
If the concerned book is part of a series, I don't immediately read the next book, unless it ended with a cliffhanger. What I do is read another book of a different genre. That helps me move on. And again, the goal is closure. Haha.

If I am in a reading slump (boo!) and I don't feel like reading anything, I watch TV series, watch YouTube videos, blog hop, etc. Basically, I just do whatever I feel like doing.

So there folks, that is how I get over a book hangover. It's not always an easy process, but we book nerds have got to read books as much as we can. :)


How do you nurse yourself when you have a book hangover?


  1. Luckily, I don’t get too many book hangovers. In the past, I’ve cured them by rereading a book that I know I’ll love. Rereading old favorites always makes me happy.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Lucky you. :) Yes, rereading an old favorite works too.

      Thanks for stopping by. :)


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