Bookshelf Tour November 2016: Photo Diary

Hi folks!

It's been a while since my last bookshelf tour. The last one was in August 2015 (click here)! And since we all know, without a doubt, that I've accumulated more books since then, it's about time for a new tour!

PS: The nook where my shelves are has poor lighting, so apologies for the low quality of the photos... :) Also, the titles of the books will be in this page (Cataloging Books!) to avoid a very lengthy post. :)


I re-organized my shelves by separating my TBR books and read books. The following shelves contain my TBR:

tour 2016_1

tour 2016_2

tour 2016_3

tour 2016_4

tour 2016_5

tour 2016_6

I resorted to double layering because I am running out of shelf space. Hehe. Hopefully, I will be able to buy a new bookcase. :)

Moving on... Here are my read shelves:

tour 2016_7

tour 2016_8

tour 2016_9

tour 2016_10

tour 2016_11

tour 2016_12

Aside from the new additions to my shelves, I've also unhauled (or will be unhauling) books which I don't plan on rereading in the future.

lol. Based from my list, I have more unread books than read ones. I must really try to catch up. Haha!

tour 2016_13

Overview of my TBR books.

tour 2016_14

My read books...


That's all folks for a quick photo diary of my shelves. For the list of books I own, click here.


Have a nice day!


  1. Accidentally found your blog while I was bored and typed my family name in the search bar. I love your set of books in your bookshelf (good choice of books btw - especially Murakami's IQ84) and I am now inspired to arrange again my own books and put it all in a bookshelf. Keep it up!


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