Bookmark Collection 2017: Photo Diary

Hi folks!

How's your 2017 so far? I hope you're all doing good. :)

Christmas 2016 brought me a few bookmarks. Haha! So for this post, I thought I'd show you an updated bookmark "collection". I already posted one back in 2015 (click here). I think I've lost a few but I did get new ones. :)

I'm still missing my Gayle Forman bookmark. :( I hope it's in one of my books. I'm also missing here two Fully Booked bookmarks. I don't know where they are.

Most of these are wooden bookmarks. :) And again, I'm missing one wooden bookmark. :(

My magnetic ones... Obviously, I haven't used two of them. Haha!


I did not include the postcards because I don't use them as bookmarks anymore. :)

Most of the time I end up using the same bookmark I used in the previous book. Haha! But I try to change them for every book I read. :)


So, that's all folks for my small bookmark collection. Thanks to the people who gave me bookmarks as gifts. They are well-appreciated. :)

Have a nice day folks!