Hopes for 2017: Blogging and Reading Goals

Aah! 2017! Welcome!

As I've said in my previous post, I was not able to achieve my reading and blogging goals in 2016. I was really busy and my laptop also gave up on me. But that doesn't mean I should not set my goals for 2017. Let's start the year with some goal-setting! Shall we? :)

2017 Blogging and Reading Goals:

  Reading challenge: 30 books! That would be 2-3 books per month. Haha!
♥  Regular post on the blog.
♥  Post more often on my Instagram account. I always forget that I have a bookstagram account. Haha!
♥  Visit more independent book shops in the Philippines.


I am excited for the new year! I do pray that this year will be a really good one!
What are your reading/blogging goals?

Have a nice day!


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