Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dia Del Libro 2017: Photo Diary

April 23 is World Book Day! To celebrate here in the Philippines, Instituto Cervantes de Manila, together with other partner organizations, publishers and bookstores, held a one-day book fair. The event was held yesterday, April 22, in Ayala Triangle, Makati.

This was my second World Book Day book fair! And it felt good to see fellow book lovers meet for such an event.


Book Stop has a new design! It got smaller but I still like the stairs, perfect to hang-out eh?


New in this year's event from Museo Nacional Del Prado




Book Stop! Here's what's behind/below the stairs. I think I'm going to donate books again! I need to unhaul some books. Hehe.


The stage in the fountain area. Instituto de Cervantes treated us with a free concert from Manila Symphony Orchestra.


National Book Store booth.



I had a hard time thinking my favorite books. These two came into my head first. 😀


Not sure if this is a Power Books booth or a Fully Booked one. Haha!


At the Anvil booth, Ambeth Ocampo, author and historian, held a book signing event. I should've bought his book and have it signed. 😒


There were more booths but they're the same as last year's.



I think I stayed for an hour just listening to the concert. This free concert is organized by Instituto Cervantes de Manila, the Embassy of Spain and Manila Symphony Orchestra, in collaboration with Ayala Land.


Also stayed for Juan Miguel Severo's signing event. I know I don't say this much but I do love poetry! Juan Miguel Severo is a spoken word poet/artist.


My signed book! It says "Umibig parati at muli." Translation: Love always and again. But I guess we can re-order the words to "Love again and always"? Haha! Idk.


That's all folks for my quick photo diary of World Book Day!

Here's my photo diary of last year's: Click here. 😊

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