Book Stop Project: A Pop-up Library

Hi folks!

Whew! Long time no post eh?

Today I want to share with you guys an interesting library we have here in the Philippines- The Book Stop Project.

The Book Stop Project is a pop-up library by WTA Architecture and Design Studio, which aims to promote reading and sharing of ideas among people, especially in today's generation where technology competes with the traditional way of interacting and reading.

While a pop-up library is not really a unique concept, it is quite unheard of in the PH. Kudos to WTA for introducing it here! It will surely change the way Filipinos commonly perceive libraries.

For more information, you can visit The Book Stop Philippines page here.

book stop project 2017_1

The Book Stop Project was first launched last year during the World Book Day event in Ayala Triangle. They had a different look then, with its modern, geometrical design. Here's a picture from my IG page:

This year, WTA changed its look with an equally unique design. Gotta love the steps eh?

book stop project 2017_2

book stop project 2017_3

book stop project 2017_4

book stop project 2017_5

book stop project 2017_6

book stop project 2017_8

book stop project 2017_9

Here's how it works: "A pop-up library and book exchange: A shared community space where people can enjoy reading, interact in lively discussions and share their love for books by donating their own.

Give  a book, get a book or borrow a book and return it on the shelf after reading."

book stop project 2017_10

House Rules:
1) Please take care of the books inside The Book Stop.
2) You can read inside The Book Stop if you find a book you like.
3) No food and drinks allowed inside The Book Stop.
4) No smoking inside The Book Stop.
5) No vandalizing.
6) Books can only be exchanged with books. You can't exchange a book with a magazine or newspaper.
7) Give what you want to receive: We encourage quality book so that others can also enjoy great stories and discover new ideas and information. Please don't exchange books without a cover or torned books.

book stop project 2017_11

book stop project 2017_12

I have already donated three books and got three for myself as well. Haha! That will be for another blog post, because I am planning to donate more!

The Book Stop Project will be in Ayala Triangle until May 22, 2017.