Bookends: Independent Book Shop in the Philippines #5

Hi folks!

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I visited two independent book shops last December. I posted a photo diary of the first one- Mt Cloud Bookshop, here. And for today's post, let me have a quick photo diary of the second one- Bookends. 😁

Bookends is located at T. Claudio St. - UCPB Bldg, just behind Burnham Park in Baguio City. My cousin and I had a difficult time finding the shop, since it was also early in the evening when we visited. Good thing they have signs posted outside the building. Here's a short photo diary:

Indeed a hidden gem, Bookends offers a wide variety of secondhand books. It was a feast for the eyes! Just like what I said in every bookstore I visited, I could spend hours browsing every shelves!

Aaaaah! Too many books! 😁

They were having a sale when we visited! They had a section where books were only Php 50 pesos each, and one crate of books was Php 1,000.

I seriously don't mind going every titles in those stacks!

Bookends is also a little art gallery shop. They have paintings, photographs and vintage bits and bobs.

Look at their Christmas tree! Cool eh?

For more info about the bookstore, visit their Facebook page:


That's all folks for my little tour. Unfortunately, I was not able to browse thoroughly and was not able to buy anything. But I promise to be back! 😉


Happy reading!