Big Bad Wolf in the PH: Photo Diary

Hi folks!

Happy February! It is a month full of books, and I'm loving it!

We don't usually have book fairs in the Philippines during this time of the year. But thanks to Big Bad Wolf, we will be starting our 'book year' right. 😁

Big Bad Wolf (or BBW) is a Malaysian book fair that started in 2009. Since then, they've been having book fairs not only in Malaysia, but also in Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka (source: BBW FB page).

And now for the first time, Big Bad Wolf is here in the Philippines! Bringing ~2 million new books and slashing 60-80% off the original prices, this book fair will surely bring joy to us book lovers!

What a way to celebrate the love month, eh? Here's my photo diary:

I was one of the lucky book nerds to win a Preview Pass for the book fair. One pass admits two persons, so I was able to invite a friend. We did go crazy with our shopping a day before the actual event! 😍

Aaah! I was overwhelmed by the books, but I did get my bearing eventually (Haha!) and started putting books into my cart. They carry a variety of genres from non-fiction to fiction, so I'm pretty sure it's impossible to go home without a purchase. 😁

Some sections I can remember: Non-fiction: Self-help, business/economics, reference, crafts and hobbies, music/movies, sports, travel, cookery/cook books, history, biographies/memoirs, health, family/relationships, activity books, transportation, journals, religion.

Fiction: General, romance, young adult, sci-fi/fantasy, history, crime/thriller, literature, graphic novels, children's books

I really wanted to buy this one, but I was already waaaay over my budget. Haha!

I think we spent ~3 hours book shopping! Whew! But it was fun! I did buy a lot of books. Stay tuned for my book haul post! 😁


Big Bad Wolf will be open 24 hours, from February 16 (9 am) to 25 (11 pm) at the World Trade Center. I really want to go back, but let's see if my budget will allow. Haha!

Now, will this be a yearly event? I hope so! Please! 😍


That's all folks!
Heard of this book fair before? Any experiences? Did you enjoy it as well? 😁