The Common Ground: Independent Book Shop in the Philippines #6

Hi folks!

How do you do? Summer's at its peak here in the Philippines, and the heat is killing me! Good thing I spend most of my time in the office which is A/C'd of course. 🌞

Anyway, apologies for not updating. Work's been busy. Mind's not in its proper place to review books. 😑

But here folks is another book shop tour!

Last March 31, I visited this newly opened book and coffee shop in Manila. Located at Leon Guinto Street just behind Philippine Christian University, this place will surely be a gem, not only for book and coffee lovers but also for music lovers.

Here's a quick photo diary:

At the time I visited, the owners were away for an errand. Fortunately, a friend of them, Michael (hi!), who also helped in the interiors of The Common Ground, was there manning the shop.

Look! Children's classics. Above this shelf is a collection of The Little Prince. I did not post my photo because it is crappy. Haha! When I return, I promise to take good photos. 😁

Majority of the books for sale are pre-loved/secondhand books. I was surprised to see that they have really good selection. If it's not petsa-de-peligro (the days before pay day, aka the days when money should be tightly budgeted), I would have bought 10 books (or more). 😁

I mentioned earlier that this place will also be a gem for music lovers. And that is because they have this nook where folks can have a little jamming session.

According to Michael, they will also have a recording studio soon. The room is still under renovation when I visited. Not sure of its progress now. 😊

Okay, it's not very clear, but notice the ceiling? There are paintings of different book covers. How nice eh? 😀

I read from The Common Ground's Facebook page that their matcha is good. I had to try it, and folks... it was indeed good. 😄 I will try their brewed coffee in my next visit.

While drinking my matcha, I grabbed this book from their shelves. I also had a good chat with Michael. (Thankfully, he started the conversation. My introvert self was on a high at the time. Haha!)

And now my haul. Of course, I just had to buy something - All My Road Before Me: The Diary of C.S. Lewis from 1922-1927, and Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.

By the way, Michael's an artist. (You folks should check his artworks in the shop.) I bought a poster he made and he so kindly signed it. 😁


That's all folks for my quick tour! I really want to visit again. Hopefully very soon!


You can also check their Facebook page (click here). They have monthly uploads of their new books. 😁

Happy reading!