Weird Bookish Things I Do

Yep, you read the title right folks!

I believe that each of us has a quirky/weird side. Book lovers definitely have one or two or many. 😁

For this post, I will share with you those book- or reading-related things that are weird, but I do them anyway. Because why not be weird?

Smelling the pages of books
Okay. I know I am not alone in this one. But really, the smell of books, and especially new books, aaaah! It's addicting.😍

Gasping whenever I see a book in my to-buy list in a secondhand book shop
Countless times I have gasped aloud. No regrets, judge me all you want but a book in my to-buy list for a cheaper price? Who wouldn't gasp? 😮

Having a bookcase-ful of TBR and yet having nothing to read
Well, let's add to that 'and still buying more and more books'. This is a mood reader problem. Whatever I will read will depend on my mood. 😋

Ability to binge read
Oh yes, I can definitely binge read. Give me the time and a good series, and I will definitely. 😏

Not reading a newly bought book
Always. I want my new books to stay for quite some time on my shelves before reading them. I don't know why. 😁

Looking at photos of bookshelves/books/libraries for hours
Hello Instagram and Tumblr! I could scroll my day away looking at those pretty pictures of books. Aaaaah! I know it's not a productive move, but whatever. Haha!


So, those are the weird bookish things I do. Can any of you relate?

'Til next time! Happy reading!


  1. I can relate. Sometimes I’m super-excited to read a book, so I buy it on release day . . . and then it sits on my shelf for 6 months before I read it. I also get ridiculously excited when I find books from my TBR list at used bookstores. It’s like finding buried treasure.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I think you are my book twin!! I LOVE the smell of a freshly printed book, I almost do a happy dance when I find books I want,Oh my TBR is always growing both physical and on goodreads(LOL), I also binge read when I can,I have so many new books also-for the same reason-I want them to stay new-and I HATE dog-eared pages-that annoys me to no end!!
    I know I love looking at everyone's great bookshelves,some of them are color coordinated!! I am now a new subscriber, loved this post!!


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