2020 Reading Journal + January Setup

Journal writing has a number of benefits. To name some, it organizes your thoughts, collects memories, and it even enhances creativity. It can also be a therapeutic practice since it helps in realizing feelings and emotions, especially when you are stressed or feeling down.

Every year, I have my life journal. They mainly contain personal thoughts, prayers, goals, and lists. Writing in my journal is a therapeutic experience for me. And though I don't write in them as often as I want to, I don't think I will let go of this practice ever.

One of the spreads in my life journal is a Reading Tracker. Every year, I track the books I read. The page mainly consists of book title, author and star ratings. However, upon seeing cute reading journals on Instagram, I decided to start one too. I think it will be a better way to track my reading closely and to inspire myself to reach my reading goals. And so, this 2020, I am finally having a proper reading journal. 😁

Here are the pictures: (Note, I took the pictures on January 3.)

And here is my January setup. I don't have a specific theme in mind when I started setting this up. But I went for a calming, minimalist style for the month of January.

For the Books Read page, as mentioned I normally just put the title of the book, author and star ratings in my yearly life journal. This time though, I am adding genre, date read (start and finished dates), and some thoughts.

I am also adding a Page Count spread to track how many pages I read in a month, then in a year. I read big books last year, hence I think it's fitting to track the pages since ideally, big books require a longer time to read and they affect the number of books read in a month. (Do I make any sense? 😂)


That's it for my 2020 reading journal. I am not yet sure if I will be adding more pages or trackers, but I already have the usual pages as seen on countless reading journals on the internet. For the monthly setup, I want to do an in-depth journaling of the books I read or am currently reading, but I am also not sure if I will have the mood and time to do it. However, I will try to accomplish this journal as much as I can, and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Lastly, I will also try to have blog posts for when I have another monthly spreads. I am thinking that it will also be like a monthly wrap-up? We shall see. But regardless, I am excited to start my reading journey with a proper reading journal. ❤️


How about you? How do you track your reading? Do you also have reading journal? 😁