Life Journal 2021: Photo Diary

I only started keeping a journal in ~2010. That was when college's getting busier and more difficult so I thought of keeping a journal as an outlet of my emotions and keeper of my prayers. It's quite a therapeutic habit- writing things, processing my thoughts and emotions. It's also quite nice to look back and browse my old journals- see how I learned and grew wiser through the years. Well, nice and cringe-y. And so, I make sure to have a journal every year. I try to journal regularly, but mostly I journal when I want to unwind.

For my 2021 journal, I am using again a binder notebook and dotted pages. I started using a binder in 2019. I like using it because I can rearrange my pages and freely scratch a page if I don't like it. I can also insert pages wherever I like and it can hold a year worth of thoughts.

Anyway, without further ado, here is my 2021 life journal.

Keeping my title page simple with this vellum paper and I just wrote 2021.
I always start my journal with a prayer. It sets my year.
And of course, my yearly goals. I am not the best in accomplishing my goals, to be honest. But I set them anyway. Something to focus on.
I also included a bucket list page. And then my future log.
In my future log, I write my anticipated travels/events. I also usually write my busy days/weeks at work. By doing so, blocking off my busy days, I can easily schedule travels.
As mentioned in my previous post, I will not be keeping a separate reading journal. Hence, I have these following pages dedicated to books/reading.
This Book Hauls page will also help me track my book expenses. I am limiting myself to Php 10k!
Next, my financial tracker. I also have a monthly budget planner, but I made it at a later date (after I took pictures for this post), so I was not able to include it here. It's just a simple page though with tables.

On the next page, my usual Highlights page where I will write whatever special/memorable moments 2021 will bring. I am hoping it will contain travel highlights, but with COVID, who knows?
This is an addition to my usual pages- a Goals Bingo page- hoping that it will help me achieve my goals. As the year goes, I can check which goals need progress and I will write them here to hopefully tick off. We'll see.

For that mini to-do list page, I actually changed that page to a half length-wise page for my monthly to-do list. Since I am using a binder, I can move that page to whatever week I am on.
And another addition, a Goals Check-in page. Hoping again that this will help me be in track of my goals. I made one page for every quarter.
And finally, my January dashboard. I am also keeping it simple since I do not refer to this page often. I already posted my January spread on my IG account, please take a look! (@aizel.daily).


That's it folks for my 2021 life journal! I am excited to fill up this journal. I know it will contain random stuff, some deeper thoughts, and a lot of prayers. I am really hoping that 2021 will be better. But whatever happens, Jesus is my anchor and refuge. I am excited to face this new year with Him!


Happy reading folks!